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The FORWARD Foundation hosts an annual grant application process every spring.  

Grant Application Process

1.  Grant application information is sent out to all schools in early spring

2. Teachers, administrators, or staff fill out application

      a.  Applicants can request up to $4,000 per request
      b.  Applications are due on April 1st each year

3. Grant Review Committee will review applications
      a. Committee will submit their recommendations to the full board for approval

      b.  Around $20,000 will be awarded each year

4. Awards given at the end-of-the-year presentation at the River Falls High School




What type of grant requests are typically funded?

The FORWARD Foundation evaluates grants on the following

The Request... 

  • progressive, creative, and/or innovative

  • ...promotes increased student achievement

  • sustainable

  • ...has a budget that reasonable and detailed

  • ...includes objectives that are clearly outlined and measurable

  • ...application is completed accurately and on time

Can I partner with other teachers / employees to submit my request?

Yes.  You are encouraged to work with others and submit requests together.  The more students who would be impacted by your grant the better.

Can I submit more than one grant request in the same year?


If I was awarded a grant can apply again the next year? 

Yes, but the grant request needs to a different request entirely.  FORWARD does not fund ongoing or maintenance costs.

Do I need to include a detailed budget?

Yes.  Please include quotes, links to websites, titles of books, etc.  The more details you include the better.

What if I have more questions? 

Please send us an email and a committee member will contact you.

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