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Grant Name:  21st Century Skills

Recipient: Kevin Dorn

Amount: $1,161.52

School: Meyer

Grant Name:  Lab-Grade Compound Microscopes

Recipient:  Jessica Olson

Amount:  $3,516.84

School:  Meyer

Grant Name: K-1 Social Emotional Learning

Recipient: Amanda Ganske

Amount: $1,984.00

School:  District - Elementary Schools

Grant Name:  Gel Electrophoresis

Recipient:  Amanda Eggert

Amount: $2,499.00

School:   High School

Grant Name: Wiley's Common Grounds Pop-Up Cart

Recipients: Cece Gillis & Kris Thompson

Amount: $995.00

School: High School

Grant Name:  Music First for Classroom

Recipient: Carrie Loney

Amount:  $1,937.00

School: High School 

Grant Name:  Virtual Reality in Classroom

Recipients: Jared Groth-Olson & Mitchell Jacobson

Amount:  $1,675.00

School:  High School

Grant Name:  Playground Communication Sign

Recipient:  Ann Nelson

Amount:  $988.40

School:  Rocky Branch

Grant Name:  TigerStop CNC

Recipient: Kyle Stapleton

Amount:  $3,225.00

School:  Renaissance


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