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To date, we have awarded more than $145,000 for innovative projects in our River Falls public schools! With your generous donations, future grant disbursements can continue to fund the ideas that are rolling in. Congratulations to all of the 2019 winners!

Grant Name:  3D Molecular Design Kits

Recipient:  Amanda Eggert

Amount:  $1,256

School:  High School

Grant Name:  Swivi and Speak

Recipient: Kim Miller

Amount: $2,668

School:  High School

Grant Name: Guitars for Future Stars

Recipient: Jeremy Carlson

Amount:  $1,600

School: Meyer

Grant Name:  Sensory Pathway

Recipient: Heather Germain

Amount:  $2,500

School: Greenwood

Grant Name:  Opera For The Young

Recipient: Kris Swanson

Amount:  $850

School: Rocky Branch

Grant Name: Firsties Science and STEM

Recipient: Megan Felling

Amount:  $1,232

School: Greenwood

Grant Name:  Lift Up Their Voices Hear Ye Hear Me

Recipient: Jayne Hoffman

Amount: $800

School:  Westside

Grant Name:  Feel, Deal, Heal

Recipient: Jennifer Peterson

Amount:  $4,000

School:  District

Grant Name:  Expand Learning Opportunities - Aerial Video

Recipient:  Chad Leonard

Amount:  $2,211

School:  High School

Grant Name: Getting Students to the Stream

Recipient: Chris Silver

Amount: $2,187

School:  Renaissance

Grant Name:  Playing into the 21st Century

Recipient: Carrie Brittain

Amount: $594

School: Greenwood

Grant Name: Music Education Instruments

Recipient: Maggie Watson

Amount:  $2,371

School: Montessori



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