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Congratulations to all of the 2018 winners!


Grant Name:  Professaional Development for K-12

Recipient:  Brenda Steward

Amount:  $1,916.97

School:  District

Grant Name:  Virtual Reality Headsets

Recipient: Liz Kumershek

Amount: $1,200

School:  High School

Grant Name:  Microscopy Using Oil Immersion Microscope

Recipient:  Dan Hoffman

Amount:  $2,500

School: High School

Grant Name:  "Social Works" : Social Skill Instruction

Recipient: Aaron Boche & Kelyn King

Amount:  $3,323.99

School: Meyer Middle School

Grant Name:  Makerspaces

Recipient: Judy Lefeber

Amount:  $1,925

School: All Elementary Schools

Grant Name: Aquaculture/Hydroponics System

Recipient: Ryan Pechacek

Amount:  $4,000

School: High School

Grant Name:  Podcasting Our Character Story

Recipient: Emily Rose

Amount: $1,958.43

School:  Greenwood

FORWARD is a nonprofit education foundation that supports the School District of River Falls. We raise private funds to enhance creative learning initiatives that engage, challenge, and inspire students.

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