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Drumming Up Character

Recipient: Peggy Krasin

Amount:  $1,000

Ukuleles For Youth

Recipient:  Bridget Lyons

Amount:  $625

Portable Mic System for Cats

Recipient: Karen Rodewald

Amount:  $500

Live Video Conference Equipment

Recipient: Thomas Cos

Amount: $1,500

Farm to School Food Program

Recipient: Chuck Eaton

Amount: $1,5000

Spanish Language Children's Books 

Recipient:  Christine Engel

Amount:  $750

3D Printer for Engineers

Recipient: Paul Haugland

Amount: $1,500

Book Sets (Global Issue Studies)

Recipient:  Carrie Loney

Amount: $850

iPod Music Listening Lab

Recipient:  Bridget Lyons

Amount:  $1,000

Global Citizen Resource Library for 4K

Recipient: Becky McAleavey

Amount: $1,000

Solar Cars  

Recipients:  Kim Quayle, Jenny Hannack 

Amount: $1,500

Intervention tool Closet Resources

Recipient: Pam McCabe

Amount:  $525

Fast Forward Reading Program

Recipient: Andrea Ganske

Amount: $1,500

Character Education Staff Training

Recipient:  Rita Thornson

Amount:  $1,000

Fit for the Future Training Equipment

Recipient: Colleen Sowa & Steve Trudeau 

Amount: $350

3D Printer for Tech Ed

Recipient: Kevin Dorn

Amount:  $1,500

World Music Visiting Musicians

Recipient:  Carrie Loney

Amount:  $400

iPads For Classroom & Title Math

Recipients:  Jayne Hoffman & Sherry Powell  

Amount:  $700

Pilot UWRF Hybrid Food Science Course

Recipient:  Linda Berg

Amount:  $800

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