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Recipient: Karen Sizemore

Amount: $800

iPod Recording Studio

Recipient:  Stephanie Reid

Amount:  $950

Special Ed Skills Curriculum

Recipient:  Kate Dulaney

Amount:  $800

iPad for Science

Recipient:  Mary Linahan

Amount:  $800

Greenwood Garden Composter

Recipient:  Steve Papp

Amount:  $250

Digital Projection Microscope

Recipient:  Kirk Gednalske

Amount:  $400

iPad for Autism

Recipient:  Jana Ladd

Amount:  $400

STEP Program

Recipient:  Tara Albores

Amount:  $500

Laptop & Software for Smart Music

Recipient:  Joe Coughlin

Amount:  $500

Laptop & Software for Smart Music

Recipient:  Mike Fuller

Amount:  $500

Character Education Conference

Recipients:  Mark Chapin and Kit Luedtke

Amount:  $800

iPads for Classroom

Recipients:  Mark Smith

Amount:  $800

Project Resource Center

Recipient:  Mark Smith

Amount:  $500

FORWARD is a nonprofit education foundation that supports the School District of River Falls. We raise private funds to enhance creative learning initiatives that engage, challenge, and inspire students.

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