June 2015

1) $3,800 - Standing Desks: The first grant is for a pilot program to purchase standing desks, one for each of the grade 2-5 elementary classrooms at Westside.  This application sited various studies that indicate that students who have access to standing desks burned 15-20% more calories than sitting and that there was a >70% positive effect on classroom behavior and performance.   FORWARD Foundation would like to award Rita Humbert $3800.

2) $1,800 - Insta Pulse Monitor: Each year in Phy Ed, elementary students learn about the function of the heart, the circulatory system, taking a pulse and the physiological changes of the heart during exercise.  Having an Insta Pulse Monitor in each corner of the gym will allow entire classes the opportunity to monitor their pulses throughout class and have direct data on the impact of various forms of exercise.   FORWARD Foundation would like to award Mary Linehan of Greenwood Elementary $1800.

3) $2,000 - Project SEARCH is an education program for transitioning high school students with disabilities to the work force.  Students will be completely immersed in the RF Area Hospital to learn skills needed to obtain employment by working 4 hours per day in an internship with support from job coaches & hospital staff.  The funds will be used to set up a time clock system, and a computer & video workspace at the hospital for these students to use.  FORWARD would like to award Jackie Giedd of RFHS, $2000.

4) $2,000 - VIRTUES Project: This grant is to fund a comprehensive, elementary appropriate, character ed initiative called the VIRTUES project.   This program was honored by the United Nations as a model, global program for families of all cultures.  The funds will be used for staff training & Virtue Project Books for the Montessori and eventually can be rolled out at other elementary schools in the district.  The FORWARD Foundation would like to award Maggie Watson $2000.

5) $2,000 - Student Geek Squad: Student tech teams have already been formed, but this grant would allow for a district wide Student Tech Team “Geek Squad” with funding for equipment, training, and identifying apparel. The students could even reach into the community at senior centers, the public library, etc.    The FORWARD Foundation would like to award Cory Klinge $2000.

6) $1,950 - Modernize & Improve Exercise & Weight Training Facility: There is a community effort to significantly modernize and improve the exercise and weight training facility at Meyer Middle School for use by phy ed students, speed and strength & sports teams in the district for health and wellness.  The FORWARD Foundation would like to award $1950 to Chuck Eaton to buy relevant equipment and help drive matching funds from other potential donors in the community.

7) $1,000 - Lego League Robotics Team: A Lego League team was started at Greenwood last year and there was so much interest, we would like to add a second team.   The funds would be used to purchase a robot, playing table and competition set which can also be used by the 4th and 5th grade science classes.   Lego league robotics provides an outlet for students who may not be engaged in other activities and develops critical thinking and problem solving skills.  FORWARD would like to award $1000 to Nate Schurman.

8) $1,200 - TEACCH Boxes: The purpose of this grant is to provide interventions designed specifically for how children with autism, intellectual and emotional disabilities learn, by implementing task boxes specific to the TEACCH program.   TEACCH boxes contain materials for certain life skill activities and encourage independence.   FORWARD would like to award Sarah Lacher from Westside $1200.

9) $3,000 - Video Editing Equipment for Interviews: A highly successful service learning project at Meyer Middle School has been the documenting of untold stories of RF veterans through digital storytelling.   Funds would be used to upgrade video, sound and editing equipment to ensure dedicated technology resources to create a year round service learning experience for students & community members.  Students learn interviewing skills, empathy and forge community relationships.    FORWARD Foundation would like to award $3000 to Stephanie Reid, Josh Bazey & Kris Nickleski.

10) $600 - Nature Walk Materials & Equipment: With this grant, a set of student binoculars, compasses, and animal & plant identification field guides will be purchased to be used during nature walks.   The materials will be used to learn about common species in our area, species to avoid and other outdoor safety skills.   FORWARD would like to award Cindy Kornmann of Rocky Branch Elementary $600.

11) $650 - Talking Photo Albums for Students with Cognitive Disabilities: Students with cognitive disabilities often have challenges with both expressive and receptive language.  Talking photo albums will allow students to develop mini auto-biographies to facilitate communication with peers in the RFHS CATS mentorship meetings & FOCUS peer activities. FORWARD would like to award Cece Gillis $650.