June 2014

Grants Awarded June 2014 Totaling $10,000...

June 2014 Grant Recipients

$1,000 - Tubano Drums: The World Drumming Circle will use tubano drums to teach various rhythm patterns, techniques & cultures from around the world including from Africa & Latin America.  Elementary students will continue to build on skills as they progress through the grades.  Drums are a favorite of elementary students & will be used to build a sense of community & music appreciation.   The FORWARD Foundation would like to award Bridget Lyons.


$350 - Foreign Language Materials: 8th grade exploratory French will be provided as a foreign language opporunity next year at Meyer!  The grant will be used to purchase various materials like Frensch posters, maps & alphabet & numeric game materials to be used in the classroom.  This grant clearly supports the strategic plan of RFSD to enhance foreign language opportunities for our students.  FORWARD would like to award Mary Giles.


$1,500 - Audio & Picture Books: The Language Arts dept at Meyer has been building the Reader’s Workshop over the last two years.  This grant from FORWARD will allow for the purchase of audio & picture book to standard intervention reading as well as consistency among the staff for mini-lessons on the material.   FORWARD would like to award Stephanie Reid & Rita Thorson.


$900 - Sensory Garden: Members of Westside staff would like to grow a sensory garden which will include student, staff & community volunteers to plan, grow, & maintain the garden over time with both vegetation and learning tools like laminated placards & benches to enjoy & enhance the learning experience.  Developing a garden teaches skills in math, science, literacy, art and community.  FORWARD & the City of River Falls Powerful Choices program would like to award Katrina Loy, Westside Elementary.


$1,000 - Suicide Prevention Materials for Staff Training: The District Student Support Team would like to offer Question, Persuade & Refer suicide prevention materials for all staff to help provide hope & tools in a crisis situation.  Training would be provide by St Croix Restorative Justice & county mobile crisis workers to help identify early warning signs & proper intervention techniques.   FORWARD Foundation would like to award Sarah Zeller.


$1,100 - Safe Internet Training & Mentoring: This grant will allow for the purchase of iSAFE curriculum which will be used to train 10-15 high school students who will in turn become iMentors to teach 4th grade elementary students in the district the basics of safe internet use.  UW-Extension will observe/facilitate and provide rubrics for the process.   This will also build a sense of leadership & community between the grades.  FORWARD would like to award Cheryl Hoffman.


$550 - Whiteboards: Currently 3rd grade classrooms have access to individual white boards.  With this grant, multiple large white boards will be purchased as an education tool to both reduce paper usage, but also to encourage teamwork & collaboration while problem solving in the classroom.   With work visible in groups, students can identify mistakes, discuss strategies & encourage logic patterns. FORWARD would like to award Jayne Hoffman.


$1,050 - Social & Emotional Development Training & Materials: This next grant will be used to take the Pyramidal Model Training focused on social & emotional development for all 4K teachers in the RF4C program.  Additionally, tools like seat discs, weighted worms, & therapy putty will be purchased as tools to help with pre-school student interventions to help prepare all students for Kindergarten.  FORWARD would like to award Becky McAleavey for Pre-K development.


$650  -Solar Chargers & Curriculum: With the goal of teaching students it’s possible to charge existing iPods with solar power, this grant will be used to purchase solar power charging stations to be placed in south facing windows.  Students will need to plot charging time & determine when it’s appropriate to use solar vs electrical power pending on charge time & circumstances.  FORWARD & the City of River Falls PowerfulChoices program would like to award Lisa Kleinschmidt.


$1,400 - Musical Instruments for Sustainability Themed Folk Music: Various musical instruments including banjos, mandolins & acoustic guitars will be purchased with the theme of teaching sustainability through authentic folk music.  Students will record their learnings on protecting resources & community engagement over the year in journals as well as the accompaniment work will be showcased at the Meyer Spring choir concert in 2015.  FORWARD & the City of River Falls Powerful Choices program would like to award Daniel Parks.