June 2013

June 2013 Grant Winners: $10,00 awarded

$1,500 to design and build solar cars with our fifth grade students to provide hands on learning on solar energy. Jenny Hannack and Kim Quayle 

$1,500 to help with the Farm to School initiative to faciliate connections to community and local farmers, incorporate gardening into curriculum and bring fresh, local foods into the school cafeterias. Chuck Eaton   

$1,000 to purchase tunable African drums, which will make the "Drumming up Character" program possible. The program teaches good character through learning drumming rhythms, patterns and raps. Peggy Krasin 

$500 to purchase a portable PA system to communicate during the CATS programs, which focuses on matching up general education students with special needs students to help foster friendships and mentorships outside of school. Karen Rodewald 

$1,500 to purchase student and site licenses with in the elementary schools for the Fast For World series, which provides support to students struggling with reading and language skillsAndrea Ganske 

$350 for weighted body bars and/or foam rollers to progress in physical development and injury prevention in the physical education program. Colleen Sowa and Steve Trudeau 

$1,500 to purchase live video conferencing between U.S. History classrooms in River Falls, Minneapolis and other locations to discuss content with other classrooms and to expose students to people who are different from them. Thomas Cox 

$625 to purchase 25 baritone ukuleles for our fifth grade students so they will have the opportunity to learn the ukulele and build their music reading skills. Bridget Lyons 

$1,000 to attend the Character Education Partnerships Train the Trainer program, which is a part of district character education, and then provide the training in the future. Rita Thorson 

$525 to create an intervention tool closet of supplies for students to check items out during the day to help ADHD, autism, motor skills and sensory need issues, like seating balance cushions and balls, weighted lap pads among other things. Pam McCabe 

A sampling of grant projects awarded June 2013...

Grants included projects where 5th-graders will "design and build solar cars with 5th grade students to engage in hands on learning and teach about the possibilities solar energy and encourage a positive attitude towards science and renewable energy..."

...a Farm to School initiative "connecting students to the community and local farmers, teach nutrition education to staff and students and help incorporate garden activities into the school curriculum. A goal is a supply of fresh, local foods into the school cafeteria to provide health benefits to staff and students as well as developing an appreciation of food as a resource..."

...and a Drumming for Character program will use African drums to help teach elementary students "a series of drumming patterns, rhythms and raps to give student a fun way to learn about and build good character while learning music and developing instrument playing skills..."