January 2014

Grants Awarded January, 2014 Totaling $10,000...

January 2014 Recipients

$1,500 - Graphing Calculators: Students who are proficient in the use of graphing calculators have a distinct advantage in the classroom, on standardized tests and in college.   I would like to provide a pool of calculators for those students who do not have access.  The calculators will be used in algebra 2, FST and pre-calculus and learning activities will vary by class.  The FORWARD Foundation would like to award Sue Popelka, RF High School.


$1,280 - EZ Sign Displays: To help move Meyer middle school into a 21st century method of disseminating information, this project will have a student led committee oversee the electronic display of student work like videos, photos and announcements by utilizing the EZ Sign technology.    It will help build community within the school and also tie into the use of student assigned Ipads.  The FORWARD Foundation would like to award Kevin Dorn, Meyer Middle School.


$1,140 - Book Buddies Kindergarten Library: I would like to purchase books for a shared kindergarten library at Greenwood from a local bookstore.  Students will select a book to take home every day with the expectation to read with parents.   Students who read for fun regularly excel in test scores as well as develop lifelong reading habits.   This will be much more frequent access to books than our visits to the school library.  The FORWARD Foundation would like to award Megan Felling, Greenwood Elementary.

$800 - Intramural Equipment: We have freed up gym time at the high school for intramurals.   It encourages students to participate in physical activity, while having fun with fellow students in a less stressful environment than organized sports.  More equipment is needed for intramural sports like badminton, floor hockey, ultimate Frisbees, etc. The FORWARD Foundation would like to award Rollie Hall, RF High School.


$1,000 - Elementary STEM Resources: I will create a STEM resource collection to be shared by 7 elementary teachers, to enrich the science themes in LEAD 21 and connect students to hands on materials to explore actual technology and properties.  Some examples include Snap Circuits, catapults, solar mechanics, bridge builders, etc.  The FORWARD Foundation would like to award Karen Sizemore, Rocky Branch Elementary.


$980 - Second Step - Prevention: Meyer currently offers a social skills course for 7th & 8th grade students receiving special education services.  However, there is a broader need for this type of education.  The Second Step curriculum strengthens skills in empathy, bullying prevention, emotion management, problem solving, goal setting & substance abuse prevention in a series of 25 minute sessions that can be rolled out to a broader group of students.  The FORWARD Foundation would like to award Sommer Bowers, Meyer Middle School.


$1,000 - Mallet Musical Instruments: I would like to complete the mallet instrument section at Rocky Branch to enable all students ample opportunity to learn to play instruments by exploring rhythmic foundations, accompaniment support, improvisation, and literature connections by implementing ORFF techniques.   FORWARD Foundation would like to award Kris Swanson, Rocky Branch Elementary.   I would also like to recognize the CAB (Community Arts Base) which gave a donation to FORWARD specifically to support the arts. 


$1,500 - CNC Mill ShopBot: A CNC mill ShopBot will allow Renaissance Academy students to learn to program, run and trouble shoot a 21st century CNC mill with CAM software and allow Project Lead the Way students at both the middle & high schools to create large scale models from computer based design.  I have found a used package deal and have secured matching funds & donations from numerous sources to implement this project.     FORWARD Foundation would like to award Kyle Stapleton, RF Academy.

$800 - Empowered for Learning (Disabilities): Adaptive materials like balance discs, fidget foot bands, iPad keyboards, etc would be purchased to use daily with students in the Learning Disabilities program at the high school to improve their engagement and experience both in the LD & general setting.  It will help the students develop additional strategies to compensate for difficulties. FORWARD Foundation would like to award Marie Anderson-Smolinski, RF High School.