January 2013

January 2013 Grants Awarded

Photo courtesy by Jillian Dexheimer, River Falls Journal

$750 to purchase Spanish language children’s books for the elementary media centers. These books will reinforce the Spanish language being used in classroom instruction; encourage independent reading & potential sharing of language skills with family members. Examples include Good Night Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, etc. Stories can also highlight & connect students to different cultures & communities. Christine Engel

$700 to purchase tablets for the Westside Title Math program in conjunction with regular 3rd grade classroom instruction to enhance communication between various instructors. The iPads will travel back & forth to facilitate, reinforce & enrich math skills to reduce the achievement gap for these students. Students will be expected to instruct and share their strategies with peers & tutors on various math apps & problem solving techniques. Jayne Hoffman & Sherry Powell  

$850 to purchase student novels for 6th grade literature classes that address global issues as well as the WI State Reading Standards. Students can share learnings via book talks, reading circles & written journals on global topics they select. Students have already suggested topics such as immigration, homelessness, clean water supply & child labor. This project will not only create global awareness, but encourage non-fiction literature & discussion. 
Toni Velure

$1000 to create a music listening lab at Greenwood Elementary on Ipods. The independent listening lab will include a variety of musicals styles, genres & cultures. Students will develop listening maps, summarize related history on composers and instruments, & document their learnings in yearlong listening journals encouraging independent learning of global music appreciation & critique. Bridget Lyons

$1500 to purchase a 3D printer that will supplement the Project Lead the Way curriculum at the Middle School. In each grade, students design items in 2D and will be able to print them in 3D to see if they have achieved the appropriate depth, aerodynamics, and dimensions of their prototype, allowing them to iterate to achieve the desired design. It will also be used in a new club with the focus of “Invention”. Kevin Dorn

$1500 to purchase a 3D printer that will supplement the Project Lead the Way curriculum at the High School Engineering Design & CADD classes. Using the 3D printer, the students can create a physical model from their computer based design to analyze & improve the performance. The printer will enable student to gain real-world knowledge similar to today’s engineers & enhance team design projects. Paul Haugland 

$400 to purchase world instruments for the high school choir. Funds will also be used to allow visiting musicians to demonstrate the basic technique for playing these instruments as well as explain the importance of the instrument in the culture from which it originated. Students will learn various rhythmic concepts and demonstrate instruments in class with the ultimate goal of a live dinner show performance for the public. 
Carey Loney

$800 for the Renaissance Academy to pilot a hybrid course co-taught with UWRF faculty entitled “The Science of Food” designed to focus on sustainable food supply on a global basis. Topics will include food production on various levels & how to grow and reuse various sources. The goal is also to have Renaissance students experience firsthand college level instruction to encourage postsecondary education options. Linda Berg

$1000 to create a globally & culturally diverse resource lending library for the RF4C program. As much of preschool learning is through play, instructors & preschoolers will have access to more ethnic role playing toys through this project. Examples of items include multicultural menus & food sets, fabric world maps, and instruments, dolls, puppets & puzzles from around the world. Becky McAleavey