Thank You Donors!

Help us meet our Strategic Goals!
Thank you for your generous donations! We appreciate gifts of any size, and are pleased to say that 100% of your generous contributions stay here in River Falls.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 each year.  This will create a sustainable grant process long into the future while we continue to award grants annually!

Fiscal Year July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

Thank you to the following donors!

Gold Society Benefactors - Gifts starting at $10,000

Blue Society Patrons—Gifts starting at $5,000
1855 Founder Circle members—Gifts starting at $1855 (Founding year of the RFSD)
    Jen & Panu Zoller
    Dick Rinehart
    Jeff & Kristi Cernohous
FORWARD Circle - Gifts starting at $1000
     Todd & Shanna Rowekamp
     Pierce Pepin Cooperative
     Quentin & Marilyn Schultz
     Viola Lundeberg Trust
     River Falls Masonic Lodge No. 109
    Tom & Sue Meinz
    Nash Finch (Family Fresh)
    Dan & Jaci Zimmerman
Wildcat Supporters—Gifts starting at $500 
     DeAn & Bob Krey
     River Falls Community Arts Base (CAB)
     Bye, Goff and Rohde
     Rick & Sandy Bowen Donor Advised Fund
    Leitch Insurance Agency
    Air Motion Systems
    First National Bank of River Falls
    Westconsin Credit Union
    River Falls Spa, LLC
Fund Builders - Gifts starting at $250
    Melissa & Greg Godden
    Grace & William Coggio 
    Emily Lyon-Hansen
    Leslie & Cynthia Ray
    3M Foundation Volunteer Match
    Sue Ammerman
    Sam & Barb Chapin
    Twin Cities Orthopedics
    Katharine Grant & Keith Rodli
    NTS Nesbitt Transport Systems LLC
    Robert & Anna Marie Gustafson
    Vincent & Barbara Ruane
    Russ & Chris Blasius
    Karen Fenske
Sponsors  - Gifts starting at $100
    Alice Baldini
    Manny & Joanne Kenney - Riding the Wave
    Darby LLC
    Charles Morrow
    Bill & Joan Hansen
    Grant & Nancy Hanson
    Siri Smith
    Jim & Donna Miller
    Jean Loudon & Gorden Hedahl
    River Falls Chiropractic
    Bruce & Ellen Johnson
    Chuck & Dotty Bye
    Joseph Boles
    Brenda Larsen
    John Tuchtenhagen
    Alan Tuchtehagen
    Tom & Becky Morrow    
    Cindy Kleven
    Ann & David Meitz Charitable Fund
    Julia Testa
    Gerald & Jean Morrow
    Ruth Lee
    Karen Fenske - Veritas Employee Fund
    Annemie & Larry Fosler
    Sara Swenson
    Bridget Schaefer
    Jen & Garth Mueller
    Royal Credit Union
    Lorraine & Michael Davis
    Cindy & Kevin Haskins
    Troy & Ellen Fredrich 

Friends -  Gifts starting at $50
    Daniel & Annette Schwab
    Jill Mehrkens
    Elaine & Laurence Baumann
    Maureen Paulson
    Tracy Toll
    Pamela & Steven Wunrow
    Jim & Dorothy Beix
    Philip & Mary Betzel
    D.J. & L.M. Jorgenson
    Ruth Wood
    June Cicero
    Evan & Pamela Ballard
    Brian & Ellen Schultz
    Tom & Bonnie Carroll
    Ellie Richards
    DeWayne & Gerda Benedict
    Beth Schommer
    Julie & Mark Freeborn
    Blaine & Fay Westberg
    Keith & Cara Getschel
    Jennifer Simon
    Bob & Jami Passofaro
    Kathryn Zielski

Class of 1967 Donation
Doug Cudd, Steering Committee 1967 Class Reunion, Bridget Schaefer, Treasurer of Board, Lorraine David, Forward Board Member and Melissa Godden, President of Forward

Doug Cudd, member of the steering committee for the River Falls High School Class of 1967 50th reunion, presented a  donation to the FORWARD Education Foundation,  a non-profit group that funds innovative programs in the River Falls Public Schools.    He shared that the River Falls schools provided him and his classmates with good education plus many  memories and  friends.  He "challenged"  other graduating classes to  support  to the Forward Foundation as they get together for class reunions.  

Community Arts Base provides 
Forward Foundation a check for $1,000 
to go towards art education in 2017
Left to right: Mike Noreen (F), Steve Preisler (CAB), Kay Fritz (CAB), Angela Schoettle (CAB), Melissa Godden (F), Elaine Bauman (F), Grace Coggie (F) and Jamie Benson (F)

Pierce Pepin Cooperative Service
$1,500 Operation Round Up awarded to FORWARD >>

RFMU Partnership with FORWARD:
River Falls Municipal Utilities (RFMU) has long embraced its role as a leader in the community and recognizes the importance of an excellent educational system.  We appreciate entities with similar values, which is why we’re so pleased to form a partnership with the Forward Foundation.  As of April 2015, RFMU is providing a $50,000 long term fund to the St. Croix Valley Foundation where the earning will then be used to fund grants distributed though the Forward Foundation.  The long term fund allows RFMU an opportunity to directly raise the quality of education in the River Falls public schools through such wonderful entities like the Forward Foundation.  We couldn’t be happier with the collaborative efforts from all involved and look forward to seeing the fruits of the fund for years to come.   
Kevin Westhuis
Utility Director
River Falls Municipal Utilities

2016-17 Pay it Forward Honorees
(Gifts given to FORWARD in honor of a recipient)

In Honor Of:
Cindy Haskins - Founding FORWARD Member
Robert Johnson - Retired Jr. High Teacher
DeAn Krey - Founding FORWARD Member
Darlene MacBride - Secretary to Superintendent
Diane Odeen - Founding FORWARD Member
Jaci Zimmerman - Founding FORWARD Member
Jen Zoller - Founding FORWARD Member

In  Memoriam:
Jerene Mortenson 
Dodie Sazama 

In Honor of River Falls Educators:

High School
John Bennett - Social Studies
Heather Boleman 
Andrea Chaffee - Spanish
Chris Silver 
Deb Ottman 
Sue Popelka 
Terri Steinmetz 
Sue Schwartz (retired)
Colleen Sowa - Health 

Middle School
6th Grade Gold House
Patti Campbell 
Mark Chapin 
Rick Cleary 
Mr. Junker, Student Teacher
Gordon Lennomon—Science

Montessori School
Mitch Burrow 
Sue Rothberger 
Maggie Watson 

Kathy Nelson - Retiring 3rd Grade Teacher

Rocky Branch
Pam Friede - fourth grade
Caroline Henk - K-1
Patti Kemper - Special Education
Ben Toppel - fifth grade
PTO acknowledgement of Rocky Branch Staff

Tori Ament by members of her first graduating class
Susan Anderson 
Joanne Brager 
Michele Frandup 
Jayne Hoffman 
Rita Humbert 
Peggy Kugel (2) 
Nancy Lindquist 
Katrina Loy 
Nathan McReynolds 
Rebecca Pelton 
Mark Smith 
Salena White 
Dave Gunnes 
Westside Staff 

District Office 
Jamie Benson 
Ann Dusek 

Community Members 
Waldo and Suzanne Hagen