About Forward

Strong public schools are an investment in our community and our future in River Falls.  Today's third grader is tomorrow’s entrepreneur, family doctor or future employee.

In 2009, the River Falls community wrote an ambitious Strategic Plan for the School District of River Falls that included the creation of a private foundation to support public education in our city. FORWARD: The River Falls Public Schools Education Foundation was created to support excellence and innovation in our River Falls Public Schools.

The River Falls Public Schools have traditionally been some of the very best schools in our state and region. With the pressures of budget-cutting combined with the higher expectations of our global environment, the FORWARD Foundation will help make sure that this distinction remains true.

FORWARD: The River Falls Public Schools Education Foundation is a completely private foundation composed of community members who value River Falls and public education. The FORWARD Foundation raises private funds from alumni, parents, and the community, and 100% of every gift to FORWARD stays in River Falls.

These gifts support excellence and promote initiatives that are beyond the River Falls School District’s core budget. Some examples may include funding for robotics team projects, character education, equipment for environmental education projects, digital microscopes or other technologies to enhance & excite learning. 

These grant projects can be described as demonstration or pilot projects to prove out new ideas, curriculum and technologies prior to broader implementation by the district or building.  Grants provide an opportunity for staff to identify & show measurable results on creative teaching techniques & tools.

FORWARD has three major strategic goals

  1. To raise $100,000 annually to build a long term investment endowment while sustaining an annual grant cycle of approximately $20,000. 
  2. To manage the foundation with a volunteer board make-up from the community that assures new ideas and skills, but also provides for the continuation of our mission long into the future.
  3. To promote the work of the FORWARD Foundation in the broader community of River Falls including businesses, individuals, the district, and its alumni.

Support us!

We are asking for your support in any way, in any form, in any size. By donating to FORWARD, you are helping to ensure the future of River Falls Public Schools and the River Falls community as a whole. 

We are dedicated to making certain your donation makes a positive and immediate impact. 100% of your generous gifts stay in River Falls. 

The FORWARD Foundation is a public charity with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. All donations made to FORWARD are tax deductible. EIN: 45-3705357


Videos of grants in action and testimonials from teachers who received grants in our first round!